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transition design to shape a


Leapfrog is a strategy and design partner for ambitious changemakers
We take a systems and complexity informed approach to help you improve in a time of societal transformation.

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Kiganboni, Dar es Salaam, 2014, photo Helena Sandman
what we do

Facilitate learning

We work with forward looking organizations to build future capabilities and agency. We co-design and deliver learning programs that help individuals and organizations to better understand and respond to the meta-crisis and its likely trajectories.

Strategy consulting

Systems innovation and just transitions

what we do:

People Walking
Sebkha Sejoumi, Tunis, 2019, photo Helena Sandman

selected projects

Building Future Capacities: Redesigning VTT's flagship innovation program

Transitioning towards a sustainable furniture market in Tanzania

Future skills for youth

Waves: A forum for societal transformation

Lake restoration



Sara Lindeman

Managing Partner

(PhD Econ, MSc Human Rights)


Thomas Holm

Founding Partner

(MSc Econ)


Helena Sandman

Founding Partner

(PhD, Architecture & Design)

photo_2023-05-24_19-56-29 (2)_edited.png

Maximilian Rehn

Project coordinator

(MSc Tech)

Sara is deeply dedicated to developing excellence in addressing complex sustainability challenges. She wants to see a rapid, widespread and high-quality societal transformation towards an increased balance between social, economic and ecological systems. Starting her work in academia, she holds a PhD in sustainable market organizing. Later, she initiated and led a large transdisciplinary research and innovation project on how to co-innovate the future’s sustainable solutions for emerging markets. Sara founded Leapfrog Projects to spearhead transition design.


Contact Sara about multi-stakeholder projects, market creation, research initiatives and policy briefs.


+358 50 448 5040




Arkadiankatu 33, 00100, Helsinki, Finland

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