From complex challenges to sustainability solutions

Leapfrog Projects is a network of entrepreneurs, researchers and designers with a shared passion to solve complex sustainability challenges. We help organizations and networks leapfrog to their next level.


Sustainability challenges are complex and global

Leapfrog Projects is a mission-driven enterprise based on research and innovation from Aalto University, New Global. We have deep knowledge on sustainable market organizing in emerging market settings. 

We are motivated by stabilizing natural ecosystems that create the foundation for all life forms on earth. We want to see forests, lakes and rivers restored, and sustainable lifestyles mainstreamed globally. Our work is guided by the planetary boundaries framework. 


Our strength lies in the social realm. We base our work on deep understanding of people, communities, business models and collaboration processes. We use this knowledge to help create impactful market creation and innovation.


Sustainability challenges are complex and global. Our approach is always challenge based. For this reason, we do not promote any specific technology or skill set. Instead we are a network that can flexibly engage a wide range of expertise depending on what is needed in a specific context.


Our core competences are:

  1. Design and systems thinking

  2. Inclusion and participation

  3. Sustainability and interdisciplinarity

  4. Sustainable business model design

Through our network of experts we do a wide range of things, including:

Urban planning, affordable housing designs, product, service and business design, market innovation, digital platforms, innovation and R&D related to energy, water and environmental engineering. 

Our work is based on science and we aim to work in collaboration with internationally acclaimed researchers in each of our projects. We are a learning organization. We believe that a learning approach is essential when dealing with complex challenges.




Combining human-centered design and systems thinking to solve our greatest challenges

Change processes that cuts across several organizations is typically not the responsibility nor the core business of any organization. Yet, it is precisely this type of innovation that many sustainability challenges require. Leapfrog provides tailored solutions to successfully create systems change. Together with clients and partners, we identify causes for systemic bottlenecks, facilitate the creation of new and inspiring pathways and opportunities, and provide support in the implementation of new, leapfrogging ideas. We are a learning organization, continuously creating and sharing new knowledge.


We work with different types of multi-stakeholder projects that aim for systems change towards improved sustainability in emerging market settings. We provide project management and design, network coordination and leadership services as well as tailored expertise for implementing projects.


We design and provide training programs on topics related to impact business, impact entrepreneurship, SDG business, multi-stakeholder collaboration and innovation. We do executive education, multi-stakeholder workshops, academic lectures and capacity building programs.


We co-design inclusive business models to support entrepreneurs as change makers. If it is a radically new idea, it becomes a question of market innovation. We design and support market innovation processes.



Training on impact business and financing

In collaboration with Finnpartnership, we provide monthly training for small and medium size companies called “Know your impact - enhance your business”.

We make the argument that impact is strategic and a key to accessing finance in the future. We train the companies on how to understand and enhance their social and environmental impact.

We provide insights on new investment opportunities for companies that solve SDG challenges, particularly in low-income markets. Through this project, we have trained more than 600 companies.

Kenya Nordic Green Hub

Together with Nordic and Kenyan partners, we have established the Kenya Nordic Green Hub.  The hub aims to accelerate Kenya’s transition to a greener future by identifying, inspiring , forming and accelerating collaborative climate projects between Kenya and the Nordics.

The initiative is funded by the Nordic Development fund. The local partner is Kenyan Association of Manufacturers – representing Kenyas private sector. The other Nordic partners are Danish Industries, Quercus group and Inclusive Business Sweden. 

Kenya Water Platform

Water is vital for life, and water is a human right. In many countries, including Kenya, the water sector has traditionally been a domain of development support efforts. We collaborate with the Kenyan Water Sector Trust Fund to increase the innovativeness of the Kenyan water sector. In this specific project, the aim is to build an IT based platform that connects all stakeholder in the water sector. The platform will promote more efficient use of the scarce resources of water and enhance

the R&D as well as uptake of new technologies. Kenya is one of the countries that, with increased population, may face acute water scarcity. The dream with this project, is to create a new benchmark solution of how to creatively solve this challenge and inspire a rapid uptake of change creating new solutions.





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